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Anne Konu 2005

School well-being profile in short

The aim of the School Well-being Profile is to produce information about well-being in school. The information can be used when developing the school and as locally relevant and up-to-date basis for the school subject “terveystieto” (health knowledge). A school can use the School Well-being Profile independently as a self-evaluation tool.

What is a school well-being profile ?

The School Well-being Profile is based on Konu’s and colleagues’ research on school well-being (1,2,3,4,5); Fig. 1.

Figure 1. The School Well-being Model

In the Model, well-being is divided into four categories: school conditions, social relationships in school, means for self-fulfillment in school and health status. School conditions consists of physical and organizational conditions and services like school lunch, health care, counselling and psychological services. Safety is also an important issue of school conditions. Social relationships in school can be divided into pupil-to-pupil, teacher- (and other personnel) to-pupil relationships and also the relations between pupils’ homes and school. Means for self-fulfilment in school is seen as pupils’ possibilities to study according to his or her own capabilities and abilities and at the same time receive feedback, encouragement and spur. Health status is viewed mostly through psychosomatic symptoms, which has been thought to reflect mental health issues especially among adolescents (6).

The School Well-being Model was tested using data collected in the School Health Promotion Survey (1,2,3,4,5; www.stakes.fi/kouluterveys) for secondary schools (grades 7 to 9). The model worked well. The questions were further developed using results from prior research as well as other school surveys (7, 8). Corresponding questionnaires for grades 4-6, for senior high school and for personnel were developed. The questionnaires for the School well-being Profile were tested during a project entitled Koulumiete http://www.pmh.info/ENGkoulumiete%20intro.htm (9). The project was a part of a larger venture, Pirkanmaa Mental Health. The Koulumiete-project was funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The Well-being profile WEB-site

The web-site of the School Well-being Profile has been produced by Lyhty –group: Anne Konu, Tomi Lintonen, Lauri Kainulainen and Hannu Kivimäki. Funding has been received from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish National Board of Education and Hyvite, the well-being technology venture involving two universities and two polytechnics in Tampere. The web-site of the School Well-being Profile was drafted and programmed by Lauri Kainulainen and Hannu Kivimäki from the University of Tampere.

Contact information anne.konu@uta.fi

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